Deidra Krois, Artist/Owner

I adventure and create in Ridgway, Colorado, in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. I live with my husband, 3 children, 2 labradors and 2 cats in our handmade earth plaster strawbale home that sits on a mesa at 8800'. I work in my home studio while my dogs keep me company and where I am inspired by the beautiful San Juan Mountains in my backyard. My children teach me how to be a better person everyday and to walk through life with an open heart which influences my work in many ways. I am a wanderer, seeker, adventurer, gardener, maker, activist, and environmentalist.


Artist Statement

Wishing Star Pottery grew out of a simple mantra:

Make Art.
Live Simply.
Be Happy.
Dream BIG.

I am a mostly self-taught potter who has fallen in love with clay through many serendipitous clay studio encounters. I have fostered my love affair with clay and words by creating a ceramic business that incorporates both. My work consists of functional and decorative ceramics that display hand stamped words, quotes, poetry, original decal illustrations, hand drawn designs and textures. My ceramics are both hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and hand built from slabs of clay. I treasure the feel of earth in my hands, molding and manipulating it into timeless pieces of art that are used, loved and cherished. I take time with each piece I make, honoring it's uniqueness and ensure that it holds the authentic marks of a maker, not a manufacturer.
I aspire to inspire the world one pot at a time.


Interesting Facts

-I hiked the Colorado Trail (480 miles Denver – Durango) with my daughter.

-I have an unhealthy relationship with Trader Joe's peanut butter cups.

-I enjoy doing headstands on my paddleboard.

-I am a part of the Mountain Girl Gallery. Instagram: @mountaingirlgallery

-I own another company with my daughters. We make upcycled zero waste kits. Check it out: Carry On Reusables

Potter's Cast Episode

In 2017 I was on the Potter's Cast with Paul Blais. We chat about backpacking, my work and also about the Mountain Girl Gallery.